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Here are a few photos of two types of old style brushes. Style #1 is a wood hub with holes drilled into it. Small bundles of a straw-like material are glued in with tar. Tar would expand and contract as the wood swelled in the winter rains and was preferred over glue. Style #2 uses the same straw material, but it is twisted into a wire spiral. These are all 16 inches in diameter and can be 2-3 inches thick for style #1 and up to 6 inches think for twisted wire style #2. They can be any diameter, but I thought 16" was a nice number. We are putting together an order by mid October so they can be made and will arrive by the beginning of faire. They are being made by an old sweep in Halifax, England. He says his company has been making brushes since 1870 and the methods used on these haven't changed much in 130 years. He does sell new wire brushes as well. They run about $25 - $30 each depending on shipping. We'll need to come up with our own poles and heads up, the threads for these are English Drain Rod type and nothing we have fits. I managed to cram 1 of these plastic "drain rods" poles into my suitcase on my last trip over the pond but I figure we can use a wood dowel paint roller pole and just cut new threads.

Hub - Side view.jpg (263167 bytes)

Style #1

Twisted - Side view.jpg (246228 bytes)

Style #2

Hub with tar 1.jpg (243983 bytes)

Style #1

Twisted vs Hub.jpg (226546 bytes)

Style #1 & #2 side by side. Notice 9 volt battery in the middle for scale.

Hub with tar 2.jpg (360561 bytes).

Style #1